OxyLED’s Most Popular Night Lights Now Come In Five Different Varieties

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But like any family, each individual light has its own quirks.

OxyLED T-02 Mini

Less than 4″ long, the T-02 Mini runs on two AAA batteries, does not have an on/off switch, includes six LEDs, and mounts with a magnetic strip.

OxyLED T-02

The standard T-02 is just a larger version of the Mini, utilizing 10 LED bulbs, and requiring four batteries instead of two.

OxyLED T-02U

My favorite light of the bunch, the T-02U is the same physical size as the T-02, but with twice as many LEDs arranged in a 2×10 array, a USB-rechargeable battery, an on/off/auto switch, and optional screw mounts.

OxyLED T-02S

The T-02S is the oddball of the family. It has the same number of LEDs at the T-02U, but it’s twice as long, has a smaller rechargeable battery (huh?), can’t mount with screws, and only has an auto/off switch, with no ability to force the light to turn on. I don’t see many reasons to buy this one over the newer T-02U, to be frank.

OxyLED T-02 Plus

This is basically a longer version of the T-02U, with 36 LED bulbs.

Differences aside, all of the lights can attach to any surface via an included adhesive magnetic strip, and they all turn on when they detect motion and when it’s sufficiently dark. Personally, I think the ambient light cut-off point is just a little bit too dark, so I appreciate the always-on option present in the T-02U and T-02 Plus.

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