Illuminati Wireless Smartphone Light And Colour Meter (video)

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Smartphone Light And Colour Meter

Smartphone photographers looking for a convenient way to monitor light and colour may be interested in a new smartphone light meter called the Illuminati which has been developed by Michael Okincha.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the wireless smartphone connected light and colour meter which is taken to Kickstarter this week to raise the $75,000 needed to go into manufacture.

Smartphone Light And Colour Meter

If you want to master photography to capture your life, adventures, or for your profession, you need to get your color and exposure right. To get those really great photos, you have to stop shooting under just the ambient light, and really take control. You can’t rely on your camera’s automatic options to give the look you want. The Illuminati meter gives all the information you, the modern creator, needs. We save you time and give you the confidence to focus on what matters–your vision.  We hope you agree, and want to join us in the pursuit of amazing photos and video.

Traditional light meters combine the sensor and display into one bulky device.  The Illuminati meter discards all that extra weight and keeps only the most critical parts.  Small and wireless, you place the Illuminati meter anywhere in your scene.  It sends readings in real time to your phone or smartwatch while you are free to stay behind your camera or adjust lights.

The Illuminati meter can also continuously monitor the ambient lighting and color. User-programmable alarms will warn you if the brightness changes because of a cloud floating overhead or the color temperature changes during the golden hour. Always know your lighting and get more good shots under changing conditions.

The Illuminati meter is also the first system to let you use multiple sensors simultaneously. You can meter foregrounds and backgrounds, set strobe ratios, or monitor and manage multiple light sources (including flash!) or large areas at the same time. Stop wasting valuable time running between lights or scene locations. You can even use your smartwatch to trigger the meters remotely, monitor readings constantly and receive critical notifications about exposure or color shifts. You can get readings continuously without ever having to take out your phone or put your camera down. We’re first to do that, too!

Source: Kickstarter

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