Unless you Think You Need a Graphics Card, This $80 GPU Will Change Your Mind

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Images: Alex Cranz/Gizmodo

For almost ten years, wise practice has dictated that most people don’t require a standalone images card in their computer. Gamers need them to help make rich titles like Rise of this Tomb Raider hum, and some professionals, like movie editors and 3D designers, require them to just take the pain out of making huge multimedia files. For everyone else, a video clip card happens to be addressed similar to an extra product than a necessary computer component. But AMD’s $80 Radeon RX 550, a illustrations card that costs a tad bit more compared to the brand new games you’ll render about it, is such a value it might make you reconsider the notion that the graphics card is a splurge you ought to skip.


Now available from major retailers, the $80 AMD Radeon RX 550 is supposed to update a vintage desktop or function as centerpiece of the brand new super inexpensive Computer create. Though AMD told Gizmodo there were plans for the mobile variation that should appear being an option in laptops later this present year.

The RX 550 comes with ports for DVI, HDMI and show Port.

If you’re young, with dewy skin, zero lines and wrinkles, additionally the power to house six chili dogs consecutively, then you may maybe not remember the full time whenever every computer, no matter how small, needed a video card. Then in 2010 Intel introduced a GPU straight built-into the Central Processing Unit that does the bulk of your computer’s work. Graphics integrated straight into the Central Processing Unit intended computer manufacturers didn’t must put a discrete photos card in every computer, and consequently the RX 550’s predecessors, the budget-friendly visuals cards of yore, basically passed away. Industry today is dominated by powerful cards destined for demanding applications.


AMD confused some people Monday when it announced a new variety of visuals cards predicated on its year-old Polaris microarchitecture. The thing is, right back at CES in January, AMD announced a fresh, faster architecture known as Vega. Generally speaking visuals card makers quickly retire the old architecture if the brand new one comes. Therefore, with Vega cards expected around E3 in June, AMD’s decision to possibly cannibalize those sales with some low priced Polaris cards appears silly. Besides the newly introduced RX 580, RX 570, and also the RX 560—cards that exchange final year’s RX 400 show, AMD announced the RX 550. It’s a card without any equal—whilst it can’t match the performance of any of the above GPUs, it beats every single one at cost.

The wicked low priced 550 carves out an area for AMD which includesn’t actually been feasible for any GPU manufacturer within the last seven years. Intel Iris happens to be so good that GPU manufacturers haven’t sensed the necessity to compete for the hearts of budget-conscious consumers. But AMD has evidently changed its mind.

Let’s be completely clear: The RX 550 won’t win any races, however it instantly makes games immeasurably prettier and faster compared to the discrete layouts built into an Intel processor. Inside our evaluation, we pitted it against the Iris Intel HD 630 that’s incorporated into the Kaby Lake i7-7700K. When playing Civilization VI it ran almost four times faster.

When playing Overwatch, with images set towards the many intense setting (Ultra), the RX 550 was three times faster than the integrated GPU, though the game wasn’t actually playable at that setting on either the RX 550 or the HD 630: The RX 550 handled 17 frames per second, which is an excruciating experience to relax and play, but the HD 630 had been an even worse 5fps. With a frame rate that bad it’s sort of love you’re attempting to play a game title in prevent movement.

Higher is better for Overwatch. Lower is way better for Civilizations VI and Blender.

nevertheless when you fall the visuals settings to Low, Overwatch in 4K is downright playable using the RX 550, which handled an excellent smooth 70 fps. On a single settings, the HD 630 couldn’t compete, clocking a borderline unplayable 28 fps. Having framework price that low, the game gets incredibly choppy—making it tough to accomplish the fast, skillful shots.


The RX 550 also done better whenever rendering 3D photos for non game projects, though with smaller margins. The RX 550 rendered a huge 3D file in Blender in 9 moments and 40 seconds. The HD 630 took an additional five moments.

Good since it is, the RX 550’s performance still pales when comparing to the rates you’d have having “real” layouts card such as the $200 Nvidia 1070 or new $200 AMD Radeon RX 580. Those cards are designed for games like Mass impact Andromeda and increase associated with the Tomb Raider, which result in the the RX 550 and HD 630 to choke.

The RX 550 is also MUCH smaller compared to the RX 580.

The RX 550 is very appealing for individuals developing a inexpensive Computer from scratch. It’s a leg through to Intel’s incorporated GPU, and it is additionally perfect to pair with AMD’s excellent new Ryzen CPU. Although the Ryzen processor beats Intel on rate at every price, it particularly lacks integrated photos. If you tack for an $80 550, you’d match Intel on cost beat Intel in performance across the board. With AMD’s want to pursue Intel within the mobile area, this implies a laptop with Ryzen and a RX 550 inside will probably be faster than a similarly spec’d Intel device.


If you’re the uncommon person having tower Computer, or you’re a builder wanting to produce something inexpensive, then your RX 550 is an excellent option. And when you get it and don’t like it, no big deal, it just are priced at $20 more than Mass impact Andromeda.


  • The AMD Radeon 550 is faster than your integrated illustrations.
  • It is slower than other video card you can get.
  • It is also cheaper.
  • A solid card for builders trying to assembled an basic level PC.
  • Will set well with AMD’s brand new CPUs, that are cheaper and quicker than Intel, but don’t have GPU built in.

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