[Update] Digby Jump trades endless digging for vertical platforming, available now on iOS

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Updated on April 20th, at 9:17: 3 Sprockets’ new arcade game Digby Jump has released on iPad and iPhone.

A one-touch endless platformer, Digby Jump tasks you with unlocking new characters and cosmetic upgrades while leaping towards new high scores.

You can download Digby Jump for free on the App Store.

February’s Digby Forever modernized the Dig Dug formula for mobile, and now the next Digby game switches from endless downward drilling for endless upward platforming.

Digby Jump is reminsicent of games like Icy Tower, challenging your character to leap vertically on variously sized platforms. Timing and fast reflexes are key to earning better scores and coins, to unlock new skins and trails to leave in your wake.

Digby Jump will be releasing on April 20th for iPad and iPhone, then on Android on April 27th.

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