WOW iPhone Camera Lens Case Offers 4 Smartphone Lenses To Choose From (video)

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iPhone Camera Lens Case

iPhone photographers looking for more variety from the range of lenses available on their iPhone 7 smartphone may be interested in a new case which has been created by Gib Springer and is aptly named the WOW Lens Case.

The WOW Lens Case offer is a Macro, Wide Angled, Polarised Neutral Density and Cameo Optic lens all of which are easily accessible from the rotating lens selector which is integrated into the iPhone 7 casing.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about this unique iPhone seven camera case which offers a wide variety of new ways to be creative with your smartphone photography.

WOW significantly improves your mobile photography experience with a new multi-lens-case for the iPhone 7.  The WOW Lens Case integrates a 4-optic carousel in a shock resistant case. Our patented WOW carousel is sleekly embedded into our case and fits easily in your pocket.  No extra equipment, auxiliary lenses or removing a case to get great photography, it is always with you!  We are launching this Kickstarter campaign to support production upgrades of the WOW Lens Case for the iPhone 7. WOW for iPhone’s 6/6s models will also become available.

When mobile photography entered the cyber world it created a worldwide “Photosphere” with unlimited possibilities.  WOW’s seasoned optics team and parent company, AppBanc, LLC, has 30 years of experience in this business. “We have seen a great deal in the optics world’, says Gib Springer, CEO, “everyone is taking mobile pictures and WOW enriches this activity!”  The WOW 7 multi-lens suite and companion eZoom software app truly extend the iPhone 7’s camera native optics range and functionality.

iPhone smartphone lenses include:

– Macro Lens: High magnifications and extends close up view field performance
– Wide Angle Lens: Extends the view field by 30-degrees
Polarized Neutral Density Lens: Reduces glare, motion blurs, improves color purity and increases contrast
– The Cameo Optic: A means to enhance and isolate view field subjects with peripheral shadows and dark field also defines subjects with surrounding brilliant spectral vignettes.

Source: Kickstarter

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