Dell’s first HDR display is aimed squarely at video editors

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While 4K is the term bandied about most often, HDR brings better contrast, brightness, and vibrant color to the mix. It’s not just the number of pixels that are important anymore, but what your monitor does with them. Dell’s new 27-inch monitor, then, is meant for creative professionals who view and edit HDR content, but it will also work just fine with consoles like the NVIDIA Shield, Xbox One S and PlayStation 4, all of which support the standard. Dell is also showing off a couple of products it had at CES: the Precision 5720 All-in-One workstation PC for digital content creators and the Dell Canvas, its 27-inch touchscreen device that’s set to take on Wacom’s devices for digital artists.

You’ll be able to get Dell’s new display at in the US on May 23rd, and it will retail for $1,999.99. Of course, if you want a 4K display but don’t need HDR, Dell’s standard 27-inch 4K monitor is a much more affordable $550.

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