Hey, There’s A New Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt In The Store!

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smell no evil?
smell no evil?

Well, it’s a banner day in New York when the Giant Beastcast manages to hit its 100th episode. To celebrate this monumental milestone, we’ve commissioned a very special shirt: the Giant Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt. The name is a bit of a stretch, sure, but we like to take risks around here. Available in white and white, this luxury piece of merchandise is available for sale now over here for men and over here for ladies. You can get a larger look at the design (from Blake Stevenson) over here.

Also note that while our Old Games shirt sold out fairly quickly in its initial run, it should be back in stock over here and here! We have been selling through these fairly quickly, and have another print run coming in, so if it looks out of stock when you click through, please check back in a week or so and it should be back in. Sorry for the trouble; it’s selling better than most shirts of ours do!

In other merchandising notes, it looks like some people may have had their yearly Premium memberships renewed earlier this year without getting a store discount code. (As a reminder, if you sign up during a sale or are on a monthly sub, you wouldn’t receive a code! They are for yearly full-price subs exclusively; sorry!) If you suspect this has happened to you, please email me at support at giantbomb.com and I’ll poke around for you.

Also, in a weird technical note, there have been issues lately with support emails that are sent to both support at giantbomb.com and orders at socialimprints.com. It’s a weird situation, honestly: we use desk.com for our support ticket tracking, and they apparently use zendesk.com. When someone emails both email addresses at the same time with one of the addresses in the CC field, the ticketing systems barf all over each other and sometimes the email addresses of the original sender will get chucked out into the ether. (Both systems have a weird way of handling headers, on top of all this.)

So, while we get this worked out, please only email orders at socialimprints.com if you have questions about returns, shipping, exchanges, and so on. If you CC in our support address over here at giantbomb, it may make it more difficult for us to get you a timely reply. If you’ve emailed support and haven’t gotten a response, this problem is probably what happened to it, so you may want to try again, making sure that you’ve only got the socialimprints email address in your outgoing email fields. If you are still not getting a response from them, email me at the support email address and I can follow up with them directly!

Sorry for the technical hoo-haa; I’m still trying to figure out how to resolve this issue without having either of us change our entire ticketing system. Apologies for the trouble.

We’re still waiting on hockey jersey samples, but should have some news on those soon and some other stuff! If you have any other questions feel free to leave them below, but be sure to @rorie reply me so I’ll get a notification about it!

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