Review: iWalk2.0

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In the days that followed my tragic foot fracture—don’t text and walk down stairs, folks!—I learned to loathe crutches. They were incredibly awkward to manipulate. Getting around was slow and tiring. They hurt my rib cage, rubbing the skin raw under my arms on long trips. I couldn’t carry anything. Stairs were a nightmare. And they were just plain in the way, no matter what I tried to do.

On day two I rented a knee walker, one of those little scooters that supports your bum leg and lets you get around a lot quicker. This was a massive improvement (and a delight to my children), but stairs at home meant it was relegated to a single floor of my house. The knee walker had its own drawbacks, too: Its cumbersome size made it difficult to maneuver, and it still required at least one hand to steer the handlebars. While I could at least cook dinner with the knee walker, I needed a diminutive sous chef to help out.