Word newsletter tutorial: Using page layout features for professional results

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Word can make a professional-looking newsletter using the Page Layout features and other tricks. Here’s an example so you can try the tools: 

Initial setup

1. Open a new document.

2. Go to Page Layout > Page Setup, click the Size button and choose Legal 8.5” x 14” from the drop-down list.

3. From the same location, click the Orientation button and select Landscape from the drop-down list.

4. Next, click the View tab and choose the One Page button so you can see the entire page.

5. From the same location, click the Columns button, and choose Two columns from the drop-down list. Since we’re planning to fold this page in half, this option actually gives us four pages.

01 set the paper size orientation and columns JD Sartain

Set the paper size, orientation, and columns

Return to Normal (100%) view. Then add some generic text to this newsletter.

6. Press Ctrl+Home to position your cursor at the beginning of the document.

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