Delta is handing out premium headphones to rich people

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LSTN says it has helped over 22,000 hearing-impaired individuals from all over the world in less than four years since it was established through Starkey. It has funded multiple hearing missions not just in the US, but also in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean, distributing hearing aids to those who need it. In fact, the first mission funded by what LSTN will earn from Delta will take place in Peru this May. Seeing as Delta has over 10,000 international first and business class passengers a day, LSTN could be funding quite a few missions in the future.

Delta will also do its part by promoting the headphones maker’s mission through a video that will be shown on its entertainment system. It will also train all its flight attendants to be LSTN’s brand ambassadors. By telling more people about the brand, they’re likely hoping to gain more customers and earn more money that will go towards more hearing missions.

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