ICZI DisplayPort Male to HDMI 2.0 Female Adapter Review

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In this post, we’re going to check out the ICZI DisplayPort Male to HDMI 2.0 Female Adapter. Why do we need the converter? Let’s find out in the review.


Features & Performance

The ICZI adapter is a unidirectional adapter, that means it can transfer data from the DisplayPort to HDMI only. You can use it to connect your PC to an external display like a projector or a monitor. This is helpful when your PC doesn’t have the HDMI port. You will have to use the DisplayPort instead and the adapter will help you connect the 2 devices using an HDMI cable.

Notably, the adapter supports the HDMI 2.0a data rate of up to 18Gbps, so the display can render high-resolution videos such as 4096×2160 pixels at 24 Hz, or 3840 × 2160 pixels at 60Hz. It is also compatible with the AMD Eyefinity technology for multi-screen SLS gaming and digital signage. I used the adapter to connect my desktop to a 4K monitor and the image is smooth just like when I connect directly, so the adapter has very good quality.

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