Just Mobile Xtand Vent Smartphone Car Mount Review

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A smartphone holder is probably the most important accessory for my car. I always need to attach my phone in front of me for navigation since Google Maps is still the best in class. I’ve tested some different holders but I’m not satisfied with any of them. The Just Mobile Xtand Vent catches my attention with its compact design. Let’s check it out.

Unlike my previous smartphone car mounts, the Xtand Vent is very small and it can be attached to the air vent instead of the windshield. Therefore, it doesn’t block my eyesight at all. Besides, it can be clipped to the vent effortlessly since it doesn’t use a suction cup like other products. Next to the clip, we have a ball-joint swivel and tightener mechanism, so you can rotate and till your smartphone to the desired angle.

The rubberized grip can hold smartphones with the width of up to 3.6 inches, that means big smartphones like LG G6, iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S8 can fit in.

The only problem is that the mount might not stand still since my vertical air vent can be adjusted to left and right as well. Besides, the placement is a little low, especially when you need to look at the screen for navigation.

Overall, I love using the Xtand Vent because of the tidy setup.

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Design – 8

Performance – 8



A nice little smartphone car mount.

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