UK Theft Trends and How to Keep Your Mobile Safe

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Due to the advancement of mobile phone technology and the boom in consumer ownership, mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. So much that misplacing our phone for any length of time will make most of us panic. Sadly, phones are also one of the most common items to have stolen. Their relatively small size and high value make them an attractive target for opportunistic thieves.

As well as being valuable commodities on their own, most phones will contain valuable data, photographs or other personal information. Therefore, the loss or theft of a phone can cause great inconvenience to the user.

Protecting Your Phone

However, there are steps you can take to protect your phone and valuable data. One of the most basic and prominent features is the screen lock. The evolution of security features means advanced technology such as biometric authentication implementing fingerprint or facial recognition can be used instead of the normal PIN or password bypass.

Other useful security features that may be available for your phone include location tracking and remote data wiping. It would definitely be a good idea to become familiar with these extra security measures and ensure they are activated in case the need ever arises to make use of them. For a small monthly fee, mobile phone insurance can also be a valuable addition to security features.

Busy places such as shopping centers, bars and public transport are popular locations for thieves. Thus, to minimize the chances of your phone being stolen, it is good practice to ensure your phone is not easily visible when not in use. Also, not forgetting to remove it from a table if needing to nip to the loo in a bar or train.

Phone Insurance

Despite our best intentions, we may still find ourselves in the unfortunate situation where our phone has gone missing due to theft or loss. In fact, phone theft accounts for half of all street crime according to statistics from the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit. Therefore, to give us that extra piece of mind, it would be well worth investing in mobile phone insurance which would help to resolve such a situation.

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