‘Dragon Quest XI’ spawns the best and worst special edition consoles

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The first is the black 2DS XL, with a matte silver slime bulging up from its lid, and a small Slime icon on the inside. There’s also stencil work on both the lid and base, which matches the gray software theme. It’s understated and rather lovely, and will be released on July 29th priced at 22,480 yen (about $200) in Japan.

The second, a Dragon Quest PlayStation 4, is the antithesis of the Nintendo console. Styled with all the subtlety of a Thanksgiving Day Parade, it’s a standard slim PS4, albeit in a deep blue, emblazoned with a giant gold Emblem of Erdrick and a smaller slime. The DualShock 4 also has the same artifact festooned across its touchpad, and a slime on its right grip.

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