Sebastian Gorka Likely to Be Out of White House Role, Officials Say

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Sebastian Gorka, second from left, a White House adviser on national security, in February. Credit Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sebastian Gorka, a West Wing adviser to President Trump who has become a flash point for controversy, is likely to be moved out of the White House in the coming weeks for a different role in the administration, two senior administration officials said Sunday.

It was not immediately clear where Mr. Gorka, an adviser on national security, would be headed. A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said only that there was nothing to announce about Mr. Gorka at this time.

His anticipated departure was reported earlier by The Daily Beast and The Washington Examiner.

Mr. Gorka, a former editor at Breitbart News, a right-wing website, is a friend of Stephen K. Bannon, the onetime Breitbart chairman who is now Mr. Trump’s chief strategist. Mr. Gorka memorably declared that “the alpha males are back” as an assertion of the distance between the Obama administration and the current one.

He has been accused of having links to far-right groups in Europe, and critics of his hard-line views on Islam have accused him of Islamophobia.

Mr. Gorka, a vocal defender of the administration’s efforts to temporarily ban travel from some predominantly Muslim countries, has said violence is a fundamental part of Islam and emanates from the language of the Quran. He rejects scholars’ assessment that Islamic militancy is an outgrowth of poverty, poor governance and war.

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