Trading Apps: Leveraging the Mobile Platform to Make Money

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A staggering 81% of UK residents owned a smartphone by the end of 2015, and this number will continue to rise incrementally in the years ahead. This is just one of numerous trends that continue to influence the market, with one being a distinct rise in the number of annual thefts and mobile hacks.

It is also interesting to note that people are increasingly inclined to leverage mobile technology in a bid to generate income. There are several ways to achieve this, although the most lucrative in the digital age is to trade the financial markets through your smartphone or tablet. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you attain success:

Choose an App That is Compatible With Your Account

To trade through your mobile, you will need to select an app that is compatible with your online account. This helps to create a holistic connection between your activities, as you can seamless switch between platforms without compromising on the efficiency of your trades.

To make this process easier, you may also want to partner with a platform that carries its own, in-built application. Take ETX Capital, for example, which has a fully functional and accessible app that is available through both the Google Play and the Apple stores.

Trial Apps To See Their Compatibility With Your Screen Size

While modern smartphones are slimmer and lighter than ever before, manufacturers are striving to optimize the size of their displays. Despite this, contemporary screen savers can range between 4.7 and 5.5-inches as a general rule, and the scale of your display will have an impact on how you use specific trading apps.

Newcomers have an advantage in this respect, as they can use the demo account feature available on all reputable trading platforms to test how individual interfaces perform on their mobile device.

This ensures that you can choose a mobile app that delivers a fluid and intuitive experience, and one that makes it easier to execute informed and rapid trades.

Understand Which Tools Can Optimise Your Mobile Use

Regardless of the mobile trading app that you select, each will have a variable range of analytical tools that are available through the platform. Some offer up to 30 historical and real-time analytical tools, which can be overwhelming for newbies who are trying to navigate their way through a mobile interface.

Not all of these tools will offer value, however, depending on your strategy, knowledge base and the precise markets that you intend to invest in.

You, therefore, need to select an app that offers the most viable range of tools, before understanding how they can enable you to optimize the impact of your mobile orders.

This will ensure that you leverage the full potential of your smartphone and the technology that underpins it, which in turn will translate to higher profits over a sustained period of time.

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