Google says Uber created a fake company to steal its secrets

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“We’ve learned that Uber and Levandowski together created a cover-up scheme for what they were doing,” Charles Verhoeven, a lawyer for Waymo, told BuzzFeed. “They concocted a story for public consumption. The story was that Mr. Levandowski left Waymo for his own company.”

Waymo’s lawyers noted an Uber stock agreement that gave Levandowski more than $250 million worth of vesting stock the day after the executive left Google. They also pointed to state records showing that Ottomotto had been acquired in July of 2016, only months after the company had even been founded. For its part, Uber explained to reporters that the stock had been given to Levandowski when his company had been acquired, but then was back dated to account for his time at Otto. According to BuzzFeed, Uber’s lawyers haven’t dealt with the agreement in court as of yet.

Obviously, nothing in the suit has been proven, but the current allegations sure do point a picture of some shady dealings on the part of Uber, Levandowski and other executives. Alphabet is also seeking an injunction against Uber to halt its self-driving car program until a trial can be held. We’ve reached out to both Google and Uber for statements on the lawsuit.

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