MatteForge 3D Print Filament Offers Unique Matte Finish, Flex And High Impact Resistance (video)

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MatteForge 3D Print Filament

3D printing filament manufacturers Steelmans based in the UK, this week unveiled a new printing filament they have developed called MatteForge which offers a variety of unique specifications providing a matte finish as well as flexibility and high impact resistance.

What’s the promotional video below to learn more about the MatteForge pro-filament which has taken to Kickstarter this week and already raised the required funds needed to take the 3D printing filament into large-scale production.

Specifications of MatteForge 3d Printing filament:

• Matte finish, low gloss.
• High impact resistance.
• Good flexural strength.
• Easy to use, same print settings as typical PLA .
• Great layer and bed adhesion.
• Made from 100% renewable and natural raw materials.
• Almost no odour.
• No warping (low shrinkage, 0.3%).
• Available in 1.75mm or 2.85mm.
• +/- 0.05mm diameter tolerance.
• Print Settings:-
• Recommended Printing Temperature: 180 – 220C (ideal 195C)
• Heated Bed: Not Required (but can be used)
• Recommended Printing Speed: 40 – 120 mm/s

Steelmans explain more about the features of the new MatteForge 3D printing filament:

MatteForge is a new filament that produces a beautiful matte, low gloss finish right off the print bed. This innovative filament produces a finish unlike any other filament. MatteForge reduces the visibility of printed layer lines and gives a professional appearance to all prints. This is achieved whilst enhancing the contrast between light and shadow to highlight fine details. This highly desirable effect makes MatteForge perfect for industrial and product design, and technical engineering models.

We decided to launch MatteForge as we were tired of the usual glossy finish associated with almost all PLA based materials. MatteForge gives an enhanced matte finish that exceeds even the best ABS filaments but has the ease of printability associated with PLA. This is done without the need for additives that might weaken the filament.
Productivity can also be increased with the ability to print at faster speeds and larger layer heights than usually required to achieve a visually appealing finish. MatteForge can speed up the whole printing process.

Not only does MatteForge have a stunning low gloss finish, it also has very good mechanical properties such as high impact resistance and good flexural strength. MatteForge is very easy to print so is great for both beginners and printing professionals. As it is PLA based it does not warp and has amazing layer adhesion, but more importantly MatteForge has no odour.

Source: Kickstarter

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