Crunch Report | Comcast Launches Xfinity XFi

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Online review startup Podium has raised a fat new $32 million round from Accel and GV

25 minutes ago by Sarah Buhr

How a tap could tame the smart home

1 hour ago by Natasha Lomas

App Store affiliate commission cut is only going to affect in-app purchases after all

2 hours ago by Romain Dillet

Alipay, China’s top mobile payment service, expands to the U.S.

2 hours ago by Jon Russell

China’s bike rental startups are learning a lot about how people spend their free time

4 hours ago by Frank Hersey

Media Prima buys Rev Asia for $24M to create Malaysia’s largest digital media platform

6 hours ago by Jon Russell

Facebook is down in Asia-Pacific and parts of North America, too (Update: It’s back)

9 hours ago by Catherine Shu

Crunch Report | Comcast Launches Xfinity XFi

10 hours ago by Anthony Ha

Grammarly raises $110 million for a better spell check

12 hours ago by Katie Roof

Prepared food distribution service Power Supply rebrands as Territory and raises $6.7 million

13 hours ago by Jonathan Shieber

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