Google buys the VR studio behind ‘Job Simulator’

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Owlchemy is best known for Job Simulator, a delightful “recreation” of modern-day work life by clueless futuristic robots. The title garnered acclaim and has come out for every VR platform as a sort of proof-of-concept that developers can pull off humorous, entertaining gameplay while the medium works out its nausea-inducing kinks.

Amusingly, the studio’s first foray into VR was adapting Dejobaan Games’ skydiving simulator for the Oculus Rift, releasing AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome (full title) in 2013. Owlchemy had cut its teeth on iOS games like Super Ramen Bros. and Smuggle Truck as well as its Kickstarter-funded desert island survival game Dyscourse. It was while testing Valve’s then-secret VR headset project with HTC, the Vive, that the Owlchemy team developed the idea for their hit Job Simulator. The studio is keeping mum about its next project under the Google umbrella, but let’s hope they keep their signature bizarre humor.

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