How to Download Your Facebook Chat History for Safekeeping

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You could be chatting with a friend, and because of the importance of the conversation, you want to save it. In some cases you may only need to keep part of the chat and in others the whole thing. Whatever your needs are, you’ll be happy to know there are methods to either save parts of or the entire conversation.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to be able to do this since it’s something even a beginner can do. With the following methods you’ll be able to download your Facebook chat history and quickly save all the conversations you want.

If what you’re looking for is to download absolutely everything from your conversations, including photos, then this is the method for you. By downloading the Facebook data, you’ll download things such as friends lists, Facebook data, posts, messages, pictures, etc.

Log into your Facebook account and go to “General Settings.” Towards the bottom you’re going to see a link where you can download a copy of your Facebook data. Once you click on that option, you’ll see a new page with a “Download Archive” button.


After you click on it, Facebook will show you a message telling you that they are gathering your information. You won’t have to wait too long (at least I didn´t), and when it’s done you’ll get a link in your inbox where you can download everything.


Click on the “Start My Archive” button, and you’ll need to re-enter your password for security reasons. A ZIP file that contains all your data will then be downloaded to your computer. You should also see an HTLA folder with the name “messages.htm.” That folder has all your conversations in block format.

If downloading the entire Facebook chat is too much, there’s a Chrome extension that allows you to download only a particular part of the conversation. For example, let’s say you only want to download a chat between May 15th and May 18th. Just specify those dates, and the Chrome extension will download only your chat from those days.

The Chrome extension that you will need is Message/Chat Downloader. Once you’ve installed the extension, log into your Facebook account and open the chat you want to save.

Click on the extension’s icon, and you should see a calendar appear. Use this calendar to specify the dates the chat you want to save took place. When you’re done, don’t forget to click on the Apply button at the bottom.


Hit the “Start” button, and when the download is done, you’ll be taken to a new page on a new tab that will have all your chats. You can also choose the format you want to save the file in. You can download your messages in the same order you would see them on Facebook.

You can also use a web app called Facebook Chat Downloader to save your chats. Just log into your account to see your conversations alongside your friend’s names and the number of messages you’ve sent to that person.


When you see the messages you want to download, you’ll also see that person’s last message. Right below the message you’ll also see three options as to how you can download your chats: JSON, TXT, or CSV.

If you ever need to keep your important conversations, now you know how. The previously mentioned methods are easy and are something even an inexperienced can do. Which method will you choose?

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