‘The Sims’ find a new home on iOS and Android

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Players will be able to create their Sim, customize their looks, build them homes, cajole them into interacting with other players and ultimately achieve their digital dreams. What’s more, you’ll be able to follow you Sim’s family through generations, unlocking valuable heirlooms and other stat boosters as you go. But to do that, your Sim is going to have to kill it at their job — those heirlooms only become available after your Sim reaches their career goals and retires.

This isn’t the first time that EA has taken the Sims off the desktop. The company previously released The Sims Freeplay on mobile and The Sims Social on Facebook, though neither of those offered nearly the same depth of gameplay that this one is advertising. There’s no word yet on when The Sims will be released or how much it will cost when it is.

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