Uber Adds ‘Saved Places’ Option to Let You Bookmark Your Favourite Address

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Using app-based cabs has become a part of our daily lives, and there are places many places we travel to, besides our work and home destinations. However, it becomes hard sometimes to recall, or tedious to re-enter the precise locations when calling a cab. Uber has come up with a solution to this problem with a new in-app feature called ‘Saved Places’.

Uber’s Saved Places feature will let you bookmark your favourite places and assign names (and even emojis) to them to ensure a faster access in the app. The feature is now available on both Android and iOS platforms in the US region and will be rolled out to other markets later this year.

The Uber riders will find an option to save an address or a location that they are en route to in the Uber feed. It can later be accessed by tapping on Where to? > More Saved Places. The rider’s saved location will also start showing up on app’s home screen shortcuts if Uber predicts that’s where they could be going, based on the frequency of the selection of that location as a destination.

uber saved places

As we mentioned, the Saved Places can be renamed after some person’s name, some location’s reference, plain emojis, or literally anything that the rider wants to keep as a name. These places will be available in addition to your work and home destinations in the app.

“Riders repeatedly use Uber to get to just a handful of places – both for work and for fun. As you’d expect, in our early testing riders said that airports, hotels, and colleges are among the top use cases for this feature. Less expected however, they also mentioned their favourite taco and bagel shops, Grandma’s house, karaoke, and even jiu-jitsu as other places they would save. The possibilities are endless,” notes Uber in a blog post.

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