ClayXYZ Desktop 3D Clay Printer (video)

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ClayXYZ Desktop 3D Clay Printer

ClayXYZ a development team based in New York have created a new desktop 3D clay printer which is capable of using reusable natural materials to create “intricately textured” ceramic work.

Available from $699 the desktop 3D clay printing system is both affordable and easy to use as well as being environmentally friendly thanks to its 3D printing clay material which can be reused and easily loaded into the system.

Desktop 3D Clay Printer

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the ClayXYZ clay 3D printer which is taken to Kickstarter this week and already raised three times its original pledge goal with still 57 days remaining on the campaign.It’s developers explain more about the inspiration and design of the clay 3D printer.

ClayXYZ is the most user-friendly desktop clay 3D printer ever. Just load the clay, download the model and click start to enjoy it, the process of creation. It allows you to print your special cup, vase and bowl, in addition to artworks like mask, sculpture and building model.  The print material, clay, makes it different from the traditional 3D printer. Clay can be reused, very environment-friendly. Besides, the standardized process of loading clay is as simple as changing a battery.

Turn your idea into reality. Design your personalized vase, bowl and lampshade. Everyone can be an artist, freely create your sculpture, mask and architecture. Decorate your life with artworks you printed, endowing you with a meaningful lifestyle. Also, you can send your artwork as a surprise gift to someone special.

Most of the previous 3D printers print out ABS or PLA plastic models, just product prototypes or models for display. Now you can use ClayXYZ to print out a unique cup, fire it in kiln. After that, the cup can be directly used to drink water. You can also 3D print your own lampshade and bowl, design your own warm home.

Enjoy the happiness of creation when you get free from your busy work. A great sense of accomplishment will come with your clay turning into a unique model. Work together with your children to design artworks, to explore the world in a brand-new way. You can build your own pyramid, the Great Wall and even the Empire State Building!

For more information on the new Desktop 3D Clay Printer jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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