iMicroscope R Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Microscope (video)

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Would-be scientists or those interested in the macro world around them may be interested in a new device which is capable of transforming your smartphone into a pocket microscope, allowing you to see smaller objects in amazing detail.

The iMicroscope R takes the form of a small lens which is easily attached to your smartphone and comes complete with its own dedicated application and can be used for both education or professional investigation.

Constructed from aluminium and equipped with a nano suction pad the iMicroscope R can easily be installed and removed without damaging your smartphone. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more.

From the embedded scale-bar, it is easily to know the size of the micro-objects, for example, the size of the pixel was estimated at about 0.08mm from the scale-bar, agree well with the theoretical value calculated from its 326 PPI of the retinal display. It is of low profile, only 4.5mm thick (less than 0.2 inch), adding not much on the phone and so that it is smoothly put in a pocket.

It is made of air-craft grade aluminum alloy with CNC machining, anodized finishing, diamond cutting and laser engraving process. Due to the lack of sense on size in microscopic world, it is important to keep a scale-bar and ensure its accuracy on micrograph. For iMicroscope, this is not only done by the scale-bar calibration function in the dedicated APP, but also a high quality microRuler (stage micrometer) which is made by photomask technology, to assure accuracy.

Different from conventional adhesive, the nano suction pad mimics gecko’s foot-pads, it has thousands of micro air pockets functioning like micro suction cups to hold the device to the phone. Every on and off application will leave nothing on the phone. This newly developed “nano suction pad” is residue-free, non-tacky and repeatable.

Visit Kickstarter for more details and to make a pledge.

Source: Kickstarter

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