Tech Tip: Getting Recommendations From Facebook Friends

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Q. How do you make one of those Facebook posts that asks your friends to suggest dentists and other services? Is this a new thing?

A. Facebook began rolling out its new collection of Recommendations features last fall, so the tools are still fairly new. For those who have not seen the posts yet, users can create a special Recommendations post on their timeline that asks a question and invites friends to post their own answer or suggestions, all in once place. Available links and maps to businesses are displayed in the responses.


You can get advice from your Facebook friends with the sites’ new Recommendations function. Credit The New York Times

To create your own Recommendations post with a request for friendly advice, log into your Facebook account on a desktop computer and click on the Recommendations bookmark. To find the bookmark, go to your Timeline view and then to the left pane of icons. Under the Explore section, click the See More link at the bottom of the list if you do not see the Recommendations icon.

On the page that opens, click the “Ask for Recommendations” button. In the box that appears, type in your question, like, “What’s a good Thai restaurant on the west side?” or, “Where can I find a mandolin teacher?” You can also add the location of where you would like the requested establishment or service to be, and filter the friends (or subset of your Friends list) who can see and comment on your question.

Responses from your friends appear on your Timeline page on the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. In addition to posing questions on your own Timeline page, you can ask for recommendations in your Facebook groups.

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