Ergodriven Spark Cardboard Standing Desk Review – The Cheapest Solution

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I’ve used some standing desks, the most recent one is the Autonomous SmartDesk 2. However, the problem is that none of them costs less than $100. You have to pay hundreds of dollars just for a tabletop standing desk.

The product we’re checking out today is super cheap and it could be a great solution when you’re on a tight budget. Let’s check out the Ergodriven Spark Cardboard Standing Desk.

Unboxing & Assembly

Design & Performance

When I heard about cardboard desks, I was quite doubtful since I couldn’t believe they are sturdy enough to hold my laptop and all accessories. Surprisingly, those cardboard pieces could support more than enough weight. According to the manufacturer, it could hold up to 100 lbs. I place my Macbook Pro 15, an external mechanical keyboard and a mouse on the desk and it still feels very stable. There is no shake or vibration at all during normal usage.

The product comes in a compact and lightweight packaging, so you will get free shipping for the small and medium sizes, and the large one costs just $5 more.

I really love that the monitor and keyboard are not on different height levels. Therefore, I can look straight at the display while my hands and shoulders are in the most comfortable position. The only concern is that there is nothing protecting my laptop. The top is a flat surface, so the laptop could slip away in case someone hit the base. This hasn’t happened to me yet but I think a safety measure would be highly appreciated.

There is a cable management system on the sides but it doesn’t really look tidy. So, I recommend wireless keyboard and mouse with this setup.

Overall, the Ergodriven Spark is really a great solution if you’re looking for a cheap standing desk. I’ve used it for over 2 months and totally satisfied with its performance.

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TechWalls Rating

Design – 8

Performance – 9



A cheap yet sturdy cardboard standing desk.

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