Juic-e Smart Sunglasses Hit Kickstarter (video)

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Cyclists and athletes that require glasses to quickly adapt to outdoor conditions as the surrounding environment moves from darkness to light or vice versa. Maybe interested in a new pair of smart sunglasses which have been created by Sébastien Brusset based in Lyon France called the Juic-e.

Juic-e have this week launched via Kickstarter to raise the $90,000 required to make the jump into production. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the unique technology which is included in the Juic-e smart sunglasses.

The first intelligent glasses to adapt to outdoor conditions. From light to darkness in less a second. Batteryless, extra light weight. Juic-e is startup that aims to transform passive cyclist protection accessories into active equipment. The goal is to enable our customers to improve the protection of their physical integrity during everyday or sporting trips, while enjoying their sport even more.

Juic-e’s first creation is Spic••E T, a pair of glasses that integrates innovative technology to preserve visual acuity regardless of the luminosity and how conditions may vary. These glasses adapt instantaneously and automatically, leaving you to concentrate on the essential, your trajectory. You will never lose sight of your route! SPIC••E T offers protection against wind, road spray and the sun, ensuring a constant level of filtration according to luminosity conditions, adapting in less than a second, and without needing a battery.

Juic-e Smart Sunglasses

SPIC••E T is operational immediately, whenever needed by the wearer:
• Electrochromic mask / no batteries
• Exclusive tips to ensure secure placement
• Optimised visual field for user comfort
• Extremely light weight
• Enhanced contrasts

For more information on the new Juic-e smart sunglasses jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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