Manchester Bombing Victims Include at Least 4 Parents Awaiting Children

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Olivia Campbell, from the town of Bury in Greater Manchester, had been a big fan of Ms. Grande, and she was among the legions of mostly adolescent fans who had gone to the concert, some with their mothers in tow.

While Britain has experienced terrorism over several decades, the attack in Manchester was met with particular revulsion because it targeted young people. The Islamic State has said it was responsible.

The latest teenage victim to be identified, Nell Jones, was a 14-year-old student with an interest in farming.


Kelly Brewster

Ms. Jones was a bright and popular student at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School in Cheshire, the school said in a statement, adding that fellow pupils were distraught upon learning the news.

Ms. Jones was a member of the Knutsford Young Farmers, a Cheshire Young Farmers Club “dedicated to supporting young people in the agriculture and the countryside,” according to the group’s website. The club confirmed Ms. Jones’ death on Facebook.

On Facebook, Ms. Jones had used her profile picture to commemorate events such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States and to show her support for victims of the Orlando shooting last June.

Ms. Jones attended Ariana Grande’s concert with a friend, Freya Lewis, who was badly wounded and is recovering in the hospital, the Manchester Evening News reported.


Nell Jones

As more victims were identified, parents of the young concertgoers emerged as particularly hard hit. Most had come to pick up their children and were waiting just outside the arena — exactly the spot struck by the bomber. Among them were a Polish couple, Angelika and Marcin Klis, who lived in York, England. Their deaths were confirmed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They had driven their two daughters, Alex and Patrycja, to the concert and were to pick them up afterward. “The kids are safe,” the Polish foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski, said Wednesday morning.

“Everything is under control,” he said. “One of the girls is underage, so she is being looked after by child services.”

At least two other parents, Alison Howe and Lisa Lees, were killed, The Manchester Evening News reported. The two mothers, who were friends, had been waiting for their daughters, both 15.

The Manchester Bombing in Pictures

Photos of the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in Britain since 2005.

Their daughters were safe, according to news reports. Lee Hunter, Ms. Lee’s brother, paid tribute to his sister on Facebook. “For those who don’t know Lisa is gone but never ever forgotten I love you Lisa I’ll miss you so much,” he wrote. After the attack, desperate family members had turned to social media in search of the women’s whereabouts.

The public relations manager, Martyn Hett, from Stockport in Greater Manchester, had a fondness for tattoos and for the popular British soap opera “Coronation Street.” His death was confirmed on Twitter by a friend, Russell Hayward, and by his brother, Dan Hett.

Martyn Hett was such a devoted fan of “Coronation Street” that he had a tattoo on his leg of one of the show’s characters, Deidre Barlow, who was played by the actress Anne Kirkbride. The tattoo led him to appear on “Tattoo Fixers,” a British reality television series.

His social media posts showed a man with a good sense of humor, who loved to do impressions and dress as his favorite stars, including as Ms. Kirkbride. He enjoyed the music of Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton. On Instagram, he posted photographs of a gay pride event in Brighton in August 2016, and he described having been a vegan.

On Monday, the day of the concert, he had a glass of prosecco with his friend Stuart Aspinall, before the two went to the show. Mr. Hett had been planning a trip to the United States, and had been so excited that he had counted down the days on his Facebook page.

The comedian Jason Manford, a family friend, had appealed on social media to try to find Mr. Hett. On Wednesday, Mr. Manford posted a single emoji: of a broken heart.

Correction: May 24, 2017

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated the age of Kelly Brewster. She was 32, not 34.

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