The Best Antivirus Apps for Android tablets

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If you are a satisfied owner of an Android tablet that works seamlessly, you should know that Android is still not the safest operating system in the world. So, it is important to look for anti-virus that is efficient and can help you protect your Android tablet from threats that may be accidental all intentionally from the app developer.

To help you stay relieved and carefree, we have made a list of antivirus that will help in protecting your Android tablet.

AVG Antivirus Security Free

The AVG developers are one of the most popular free PC Antivirus apps available, and they have extended their run on the Google Play Store even. However, it isn’t free, if you want extreme security on your not-so-secure Android device. The pro version of the app has security features like scanning of several apps on the device, locking and wiping the device remotely, complete protection from virus attack and malware, etc.

Panda Protection

If you’re looking for software that offers smart control for your smartwatch, check out the details of Panda Protection. For a regular user, Panda Global Protection should be an ideal option that gives antivirus, anti-theft, and device optimization for Android users, along with a smart control for smartwatch users. It is one of the most modern options available today, and you should even consider the same.

If cost is a concern for you, look for Panda security coupons and save money, while keeping your Android device safe.

AVAST Mobile Security and Antivirus

AVAST is also safe and popularly used PC antivirus. Its extended reach on Google Play Store has kept many users satisfied. People know that they can trust the name and are familiar with the excellent user interface of AVAST.

If you are looking for more, invest in the premium version of the app.

MacAfee Antivirus and Security

Again, we have an app that comes from the PC version of antivirus protection and is widely used. While other free versions noted above have limited features like backup feature, scanning of device apps, online browsing protection, etc. MacAfee offers a little more by aiding in searching for your lost device. This is an important feature and cannot be disregarded.

For higher security, you can consider buying the pro version of the app.

360 Mobile Security

The free version of this application has more than 5 million downloads till date and is favored by Android users because it has unique features like call blocker, a floating window feature, and privacy advisor. Also, the eye-catchy and user-friendly interface makes an impact.

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