Uber Launches Snapchat Custom Filters in India

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In November last year, Uber announced a complete overhaul in its app’s user interface, and a month later introduced a new feature that was aimed at young riders. The Uber-specific Snapchat filters landed on the app to allow the users to share the snaps with their contacts in a fun way only during their ride. Uber India has now made an announcement that it will begin a phased rollout of its app-specific Snapchat custom filters in India starting Thursday, May 25. The Uber-specific Snapchat filters will be available across all the 29 cities Uber operates in within India.

Uber last year conceptualised the new design to go along with the company’s efforts to make the ride-hailing app smarter, faster, and more convenient. It later introduced the Snapchat filters which were especially curated by Uber to be used by Uber riders during their rides. The Uber-specific Snapchat custom filters let you use stickers of your estimated time of arrival to the destination or simply share some photograph with a surprise element with other users. In addition, you can even use double up Snapchat’s own filters with the ones curated by Uber.

Uber Snapchat Filter

To use the filters while you are taking Uber, go to the Uber feed where you will see a Snap card. Uber riders can choose the type of filter they want to unlock, then take a selfie, and then swipe right to access the Snapchat filters. The Snapchat integration in the Uber app will be available for Android and iOS users, as we said.

While the Snapchat filters may prove to be an appealing feature, it’s only for Snapchat users. Uber riders who do not use Snapchat won’t be able to enjoy the filters unless they join the ephemeral messaging service.

“In our new rider app, we start with the question ‘Where to’ so we can get riders to their destination as fast as possible. However besides helping riders get to their destinations, we want to focus on the trip experience itself and make sure riders enjoy the journey. Technology is helping us personalize every ride, making the experience fun and delightful. With this integration, our riders can now Snap along the way and share their Uber moments with friends and family,” said Apurva Dalal, Head of Engineering, Uber India about the launch.

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