You Can Now Watch YouTube TV On Apple TV Using AirPlay

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When Google first launched its standalone streaming service YouTube TV, there was only way to get that content on a television screen: using Google Chromecast. Now there’s a second way: you can watch everything the service has to offer on an Apple TV via the AirPlay functionality.

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In the service’s recent iOS app update, AirPlay support was added, reports The Verge. This feature lets anyone with an Apple TV view YouTube TV on their television set. Prior to this update, those who function primarily on Apple devices could access the service through the YouTube TV iOS app on the iPad and the iPhone.


It should be noted that YouTube TV isn’t introducing a native Apple TV app—or any other streaming box app, for that matter—just yet. This is a limitation for YouTube TV; other streaming TV services like Sling, DirecTV and Hulu have apps. But it’s a step in the right direction for the new streaming service, which is diversifying what hardware can stream its content.

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