Get a Private Mailbox: Soverin Plan: One-Year Subscription

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Everyone loves using Gmail and Outlook, at least mostly loves them. They’re both great at so many things, but Google and Microsoft use the info from your inbox to target you with ads. If you want to avoid that, you need Soverin Plan: One-Year Subscription. It’s the honest alternative to free email. It will keep your data safe by offering you a private, secure inbox that will never release private information about you to third parties.

  • A+ grade SSL/TLS connection in a private mailbox
  • Continue using your favorite email apps, as Soverin is app independent
  • Email is not scanned and you will not be profiled
  • Avoid targeted email
  • Multiple aliases, domains, and mailboxes

You can get this great email subscription for just $10!

Soverin Plan: One-Year Subscription


Heading to the beach or pool this summer and worried about your phone getting damaged but can’t bare to leave it behind? The Waterproof Smartphone Bag with Music Out Jack + Waterproof Headphones can solve this problem. This waterproof plastic bag takes care of all your concerns. It even has a touch-sensitive screen and audio-out jack so that you can use your phone as you wish and also listen to music while keeping it protected in the bag.

  • Bag rated up to 60-feet underwater because of seal-tight waterproof lock
  • Listen with waterproof headphones while keeping phone in the bag
  • Keep your phone close with shoulder strap and adjustable armband with velcro

Get this waterproof bag for just $28.99.

Waterproof Smartphone Bag with Music Out Jack + Waterproof Headphones

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