Crunch Report | High Times Sells 60% of Company

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Nintendo’s Switch Online service will cost $20 per year and launch in 2018

1 hour ago by Jon Russell

LG launches a mobile payment service in Korea

3 hours ago by Jon Russell

Netflix cancels sci-fi drama Sense8 after just two seasons

4 hours ago by Jon Russell

Snap’s Spectacles are now available in Europe

5 hours ago by Romain Dillet

YouTube bans ‘hateful’ videos from making money via its advertising network

6 hours ago by Jon Russell

Crunch Report | High Times Sells 60% of Company

8 hours ago by Khaled “Tito” Hamze

Tim Cook says he tried to persuade Trump not to leave the Paris agreement “but it wasn’t enough”

9 hours ago by Greg Kumparak

OneLogin admits recent breach is pretty dang serious

10 hours ago by Devin Coldewey

US approves social media background checks for visa applicants

11 hours ago by Jonathan Shieber

The DJI Spark is fun, but not the mainstream drone we were promised

12 hours ago by Brian Heater

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