Organize Your Projects with Pagico 8.7 Task Manager

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The more and more your work and private life gets enveloped in the digital world, the more you need a tool to help you keep it all straightened out. Pagico 8.7 can help you turn your tasks, notes, and projects into interactive flowcharts. This task manager will help you get more things done in a more effective way. This latest release is even more flexible, powerful, and user-friendly with fourteen new features and over fifty improvements

  • Use the interactive flowcharts to manage your projects and contacts
  • Get details about targets without opening them using sub-projects and sub-containers
  • Use the tag browser to manage and browse projects easily
  • See all the details by viewing an integrated timeline of a container that includes sub-containers’ content
  • Create project templates easily by cloning sub-containers and customizing data adjustments
  • Easily schedule and reschedule the new calendar view and context menu commands
  • Manage tasks, notes and files together and cross-link it all easily
  • For up to six months sync data with your mobile devices or computers for free
  • Generate local Pagico links to any object in your database with cross-applications item links
  • Automatically identify teammates and filter Dashboard and other views by individual teammate

Manage your tasks for less than $20.

Pagico 8.7


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