Tech Tip: Greetings, User. You Can Change Your Name.

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Q. How do I change the name that my Windows 10 computer uses to greet me when I log into my PC?

A. You should be able to change the welcome screen name in the settings area for your user account on the computer. If you signed up for an online Microsoft account when you originally set up the PC, you can get to these settings by signing in directly to that account on the web. (Keep in mind that when you edit the information here, the changes are also reflected on other apps and devices that use the Microsoft account.)

You can also make changes by going to the Start menu, selecting Settings and clicking on the Accounts icon. (For a shortcut right to the Settings window, press the Windows and I keys on the keyboard.)


You can get to your Microsoft account preferences from the Windows 10 Settings area. Credit The New York Times

When the Accounts box opens, select Your Info on the left side. On the right side of the box, click “Manage my Microsoft account” to go to the page where you can edit the name on the account, add a photo, change your password and more. Restart the computer when you are done.

If you skipped the repeated offers to manage your Windows system with an online Microsoft account, you can change the name on your local account in the Control Panel area. Press the Windows and X keys on the keyboard and select Control Panel from the menu. In the Control Panel area, select User Accounts, then Manage Accounts and Change an Account. Choose your local account and click “Change the account name” to get to the setting. Click the Change Name button when you are done.

Note that changing the name on your user account is a different from changing the registered owner name or other advanced operations that usually require editing the Windows Registry.

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