3 of the Best Reddit Clients for iOS

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Whether you browse Reddit religiously or just from time to time, downloading a Reddit client app can be beneficial. For one, you won’t have to worry about dealing with Safari, and the clients generally load things a bit quicker – as most subreddit headers and other graphics are weeded out. In no particular order this article will cover the top Reddit clients for iOS and each of their capabilities. You will be able to make an informed decision for what client will work best for you and your needs.

Narwhal lets you browse with total ease. Swipe to the left on a post to up vote, and swipe a little further to the left to download. Swipe the post to the right to start a reply. It is as simplistic as it gets, which is great for a platform like Reddit, where text and images are at the forefront of everything.


In addition to all of this it features a very useful night mode that when paired with Night Shift on iOS is absolutely perfect for late-night browsing.

When viewing images on Imgur, Reddit’s most popular image hosting site, you do not have to leave the Narwhal app necessarily. The same goes for other links that would normally be opened in Safari. They load up within Narwhal, but you can view them outside of the app at any time.

It’s true, even the official app is pretty good at what it does. The app touts the fastest loading time of any Reddit app, but in my experience this can vary over a wide range of factors. GIFs load up and autoplay, and you can view a good bit of your account stats at a glance. Tap an image to open a full view where you can then pinch and drag to view aspects up close, much like how you would on the Camera Roll.


To up vote, down vote, start a comment, share, or otherwise interact with a post – no gestures are necessary. A minor inconvenience – you’ll have to tap icons. It is not that it is bad, just that it is not near as fluid of a user interface that we see offered with other clients. All in all the interface is very clean, modern, and definitely not an eye-ache to look at. It very easily can become your daily driver for Reddit browsing.

Unique to Bacon Reader is the ability to scroll the front page in a grid-like format. Header images (or the lack thereof) are displayed with the title text being overlaid. You can not see the up vote count or context from this view, but it is a fantastic way to discover new content.


Bacon Reader offers swipe gestures that then must be accompanied with a tap to complete an action. It is one more step, but it prevents the likelihood of accidentally performing an action.

The overall user interface seems a bit out of date, with even the login screen giving nods to features of iOS 6, but nonetheless it implements text and images well for a pleasing browsing experience.

What is your favorite Reddit client for iOS? Or do you prefer to browse in Safari or Chrome? Leave us a comment below, and let your thoughts be heard.

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