Practical Uses of GPS Technology

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With so many devices and items in this day and age, it can be hard to keep track of all your valuables. A rushed Taxi journey, friends that like to ‘borrow’ your things and the forgetful ones that misplace their wallet and keys, losing things is really annoying.

GPS technology uses satellites to triangulate geographic locations on Earth and it can be used to locate just about anything. Not just phones, keys and vehicles, you can also track locations, animals, and vehicles with GPS.

Here are some of the best uses of GPS technology and how they can help and benefit your day to day life.

Locating positions

This is the most common use for GPS and often used when driving to a new location. GPS can assist you with finding a location, getting you there safely and finding you the most efficient route. However, it’s not just for in the car. GPS location tracking can be helpful if you are going hiking, on bike rides or just off for a stroll.

The technology can help you find routes as well as destinations meaning you will never have to ask for directions again. For driving, it’s great for keeping your safety in mind also, if you encounter an accident or emergency in an isolated area and need immediate assistance, you can call pre-programmed emergency numbers from your smartphone and without even giving location details, GPS can pick up your current location.

Locating pets

It is not uncommon for pets to wander off or let their curious nose get the better of them, causing an escape dash. They can be easily distracted and then once lost, they can become easily frightened which can cause them to hide and not return home.

You can protect your pets with GPS and keep an eye on them when you’re not with them. The smart technology allows you to pursue your pet whilst they are on the move with high detail information that tracks every 5 seconds.

Locating vehicles

Many companies that have lots of vehicles use GPS to track not only the location of their vehicles, but also the behavior of the driver. GPS devices like Phantom Tracking give reports back to company owners about everything from drivers stop times to speed. It allows managers to keep an eye on their vehicles while they are out on the road.

The GPS technology is real time so it can also help a business provide better customer service for deliveries or services by giving time frames and locations of vehicles. It is becoming a very popular piece of technology for fleet companies and it is now often wondered how they ever survived before GPS fleet tracking systems.

It’s also great for personal use to locate your own vehicle if it is stolen. Integrating a GPS anti-theft device onto your vehicle allows you to trace and locate it at any time. It also brings the cost of your car insurance down, win-win.

Locating valuables

Many of the valuables we carry around every day like phones, cameras, tablets and even our wallets are worth huge amounts of money. While you need to use them on a daily basis, it can be risky taking them out of the house. GPS is a great technology for locating any valuable item. You can install tracking devices onto mobiles and tablets in the form of apps to help locate their location.

When it comes to items like wallets and cameras, you can place GPS bugs onto the item, usually just stuck on. This way you can locate this item from any place anytime, so you will never lose your items again. It’s also great to recover stolen items and the police can use these to help locate and recover your valuables if you’ve installed a tracking system.

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