Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler From $60 (video)

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Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler

Beer drinkers looking for a new way to keep their favourite beverage cool and ready to drink may be interested in a new device which has been launched in the form of the Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler.

As the name suggests the beer cooler is inserted into the ground and is capable of storing up to 16 bottles of beer ready to drink. The Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler is now available to purchase priced at $120 or $60 for the smaller 8 bottle cooler.

The design of the Biersafe also includes an integrated bottle opener which is fitted to the top of the rack allowing you to easily access your brew after cooling. Jump over to the official Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler website for more details and to purchase your very own.

Source: Uncrate : Biersafe

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