Domino’s will stream ‘Ferris Bueller’ for free on Facebook Live

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Though the ad campaign features Alan Ruck, the actor who played Cameron Frye, Domino’s wasn’t allowed to mention the name “Ferris Bueller” and, of course, Matthew Broderick didn’t participate. As Uproxx notes, the Bueller-type character (played by Keery) appears to be Frye’s son, so we’re not sure what the hell has happened over the last 30 years.

Offering the film for free, then, seems like the smartest play as far as a tie-in goes. It’s one of the more unusual ways we’ve seen to sell junk food, and Domino’s has already dabbled with drone and bot deliveries, IFTTT smart home apps and even reverse pizza tracking.

The idea, at the end, is to sell pizza. Domino’s will share a code at the beginning of the film that’s worth a 20 percent discount, or more if enough folks tune in. Of course, you could just enjoy the free movie, and take out a real deep-dish from, say, Gino’s in Bueller’s home town of Chicago. We imagine that’s what he’d do — life moves pretty fast, so why waste it on Domino’s?

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