Darlite Allows You To Play Anything Through Your Sonos (video)

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Darlite Allows You To Play Anything Through Your Sonos

Sonos speaker owners that feel restricted by the audio they can play through their Sonos speaker system, may be worth giving a new piece of hardware called Darlite more investigation.

Darlite has been designed by a development team based in Amsterdam and has been designed to offer consumers the first connected accessory to unlock the full potential of your Sonos system. Watch the video below to learn more about how the small device is capable of transforming your Sonos experience.

Darlite has been launched by Kickstarter this week to raise the €250,000 required to take the new Sonos accessory into production. As developers explain more about the inspiration, design and functionality of the Darlite. Which is now available priced at €119 for early bird backers.

We love our Sonos system. But we’ve been asking ourselves: what if we could play music from all our favourite apps? What if we could watch a video and enjoy the sound from our speakers? What if we were really free to use our Sonos system the way we want? Sonos is not compatible with numerous popular favorites such as Youtube, Audible, BBC iPlayer, etc. Darlite fixes this, allowing you to play all your favourite music, news, podcasts, audio books and videos directly from apps through your Sonos system even without a Premium account.

We created Darlite to unlock the full potential of the Sonos system. This product is the result of our own passion for music and connected devices, an understanding of Sonos users, and countless hours developing a product we would like to have in our homes. Darlite supports Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA and audio line-in 3.5mm jack. Select the most appropriate way to cast your music directly to your Sonos speakers.  Play music directly from any Bluetooth, Airplay, or DLNA compatible computer, tablet or phone – even if the device/OS is unsupported by Sonos.

Jump over to Kickstarter via the link below for more details and to make a pledge.

Source: Kickstarter

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