EvoArt Brush Stylus Designed For Touchscreen Artists (video)

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EvoArt Brush Stylus

Digital touchscreen artists searching for a brush stylus to use with a tablet, may be interested in a new design which has been created by Manuel Jesus Hernandez Gonzalez based in Spain.

The new brush stylus has been designed for “art lovers” and supports any capacitive screen touchscreen device. The EvoArt Brush stylus has this week launched via Kickstarter with pledges available from just €4.

Have you ever dreamed of a brush for your tablet or phone? Now we are facing a project that is born, a brush for your device, without need of batteries or great technologies, 100% recyclable and simply functional and effective for those who miss the traditional tools of painting adapted to the latest tactile technologies, is Certain exist some models in the market but exorbitant prices, this is not it and we believe that it should not be, the art must be within the reach of the world, perhaps it is not easy to paint with the traditional tactile pointers, it is something very Cold, but with this brush that simulates the cells of traditional hair everything changes, thank you very much for your attention, I hope you like our brush.

Jump over to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website to learn more about the new brush stylus and to make a pledge to help the new touchscreen stylus make the jump into production.

Source: Kickstarter

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