Can Amber And Matt Repair Their Teen Mom OG Relationship?

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Amber and Matt’s relationship woes continued during tonight’s Teen Mom OG — and Leah’s mom insisted the two will no longer become husband and wife.

What was the root of the disagreement, which occurred without cameras present and while the duo was in New York City for a press tour with the rest of the cast? Matt gave Catelynn a Xanax after Nova’s mother suffered an anxiety attack, and Amber immediately became concerned that her beau was using pills again.

“You’re not going to marry me?” Matt asked Amber the morning after the fight. She simply answered, “No.”

When Matt asked how she would respond to media outlets if they inquired about their upcoming nuptials, Amber stated, “I’ll lie right now.”

“Baby, come on, I’m sorry. I made one mistake,” he declared, while she claimed that he had made more than one mistake and she was “not doing it.”

From there, she urged him to stop talking because she was wearing a microphone (something he was unaware of at the time, and the two may not have known a crew was filming their chat).

Shortly after the couple’s candid conversation, Matt approached Cate and explained that his friend gave him the Xanax — in the event that “Amber needed it on the plane.”

“She thinks I’m back on drugs,” he revealed to Cate. “I’m like, ‘I’m not. I swear to God.'” When Amber (who was sitting a few feet away from them getting her hair done) asked the pair what they were discussing, Matt said they were talking about her hairdo.

“She’s always into everybody’s business. She’s very nosy, that one,” he continued, while walking away from the girls.

Cate told Amber that she “always has her back” — while Matt, off to the side, told co-executive producer Kiki that he “did not f**king deserve what happened” the prior day.

After the interviews wrapped, Matt asked how the sit-downs went and if it was the same questions over and over.

“Basically,” Amber stated, offering no details.

And that’s where the installment concluded with Matt and Amber (he went to get lunch with co-executive producer Larry sans cameras and Amber told Maci, Cate, Kiki and producer Kerthy that they had never attended therapy together).

Even though Matt made multiple apologies, Amber was adamant that she had made up their mind regarding their future. But will they repair their relationship — or is the damage already done? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 9/8c.

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