Days Gone Gameplay Revealed At E3 2017 (video)

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Days Gone

During this year’s E3 2017 event this week Bend Studio has detailed the different ways on how and why Deacon fights to survive in their upcoming post-apocalypse action game, Days Gone.

Check out the E3 gameplay demo to learn more about what you can expect from the mechanics of the Days Gone game which will be launching sometime during 2017 and will be available to play exclusively on the PlayStation platform. Supporting both the PlayStation 4 and more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro.

John Garvin Creative Director at Bend Studios explains more:

The demo opens in one of the encampments where “law-abiding” survivors have banded together for safety. We get a sense of Deacon’s mercenary outlook on life when he responds to an attack on a camp supply run by telling their leader, “It’s not my problem.” Harsh. But that’s not the whole story. When Deacon learns that a friend has been taken, he doesn’t hesitate and rides out. Deacon’s loyalty to those he cares about – his willingness to risk his own life for a friend – illustrates one of the central themes in Days Gone: If surviving isn’t living, what does it mean to truly “live”? What’s worth fighting for? Why do we keep fighting when the world looks so bleak? If hope never dies, what gives us hope? Over the course of the game we explore questions like these, even if we don’t always have the answers.

Deacon’s decision to find and save his friend begins a harrowing journey that demonstrates the core of the Days Gone experience: if something moves, it probably wants to kill you. And the Horde is just one of your problems. Last year we introduced three types of Freakers: Swarmers were adults when infected and are dangerous whether alone or moving in packs; Newts were children when infected and tend to use hit-and-run tactics from above; Hordes are large groups of Swarmers – and by large we mean hundreds – that move and react as if a single entity. This year we’re introducing three new types: Runners are infected wolves that can outrun and attack a Drifter bike, sending the rider sprawling; Ragers – infected bears – are powerful and almost impossible to kill; and Swarms, smaller than Hordes but more common and almost as deadly.

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