This Teen’s Super Sweet Party Featured Gold-Painted Male Models

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A big part of Filipino culture is turning 18 because this birthday (formally known as a “debut”) is an official coming-of-age celebration. And Jana certainly marked this super sweet milestone of maturity in grand fashion — with a bevvy of shirtless male models.

During tonight’s brand-new My Super Sweet 16, the San Diego teen meticulously coordinated a bash to remember before heading to college in the fall. And, as is the case with these types of festivities, there was a lot of coordinating that went into her entrance to the lavish affair. Like, her “crazy idea” to enlist hot guys.

“It would be really cool if they could carry me in, like on a throne or something,” Jana told a pal.

While her boyfriend Parker wasn’t too pleased with the plan, Jana proceeded to make her scheme a reality — even holding auditions to find the perfect gentlemen for the task.

But when the huge moment came for the highly anticipated debut (pun intended), a few of the gold-painted fellas had difficulty hoisting Jana on top of the large throne.

“One more time,” she nervously stated, as take 2 ensued.

Thankfully, that effort went off without a hitch. Jana glowed as she greeted her guests — and from there, the rest of the blowout was a success.

“All the stress, all the drama — it was all worth it,” Jana declared when it was all said and done.

What did you think of Jana’s party? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss a brand-new episode of My Super Sweet 16 next Monday at 10/9c!

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