Waymo bids its self-driving bubble cars farewell

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This move doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. A report from late 2016 said Alphabet’s Larry Page scrapped Waymo’s plans to manufacture bubble-shaped driverless vehicles to make the company’s strategy more feasible. It said Page’s new plan involves collaborating with automakers to design and make cars with no pedals and steering wheels that use Google’s self-driving tech. Shortly after that report came out, Waymo introduced its heavily modified Chrysler Pacificas with altered electrical, powertrain, chassis and structural system to accommodate the extra weight brought by the company’s equipment.

While Waymo will no longer use its Fireflies for future tests, you can still catch a glimpse of the cute bubble cars in various locations. This August, they’ll be on display at the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix before making their way to the The Thinkery in Austin, Texas this October. You’ll also find a Firefly at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California and another at the Design Museum in London.

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