Zombies aren’t the only threat in ‘Days Gone’

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The short gameplay demo is almost the polar opposite of the action-packed preview we saw last year. Instead of attacking an unending horde of monsters with grenades, guns and obstacles, St. John quietly sneaks through an enemy camp to find his missing friend. It’s refreshing, showing that there are more ways to navigate Days Gone‘s postapocalyptic world than just sheer firepower. Players can instead execute stealth takedowns, set up traps and quietly infiltrate enemy outposts.

Combined with the story and character-driven aspects of the demo, the presentation goes a long way toward showing us the character’s motivation for survival. Unfortunately, the game still leaves a lot in the dark. Who are the other human factions St. John is fighting? Is that bear at the end infected like the freakers? And, perhaps most important, when is this game coming out? Sadly, Sony provided no answers. At least not today. But hey, that trailer looks pretty cool, right?

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