Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ can now assist you in Spanish

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If you ask a friend “¿Dónde estás?,” it provides a shortcut to Messenger’s location-sharing feature. Type “Besos!” or “Hola!” to bring up stickers. Friend won’t respond to the message asking him for that $10 he owes you? No problem. If he’ll be more receptive to a crisp scolding in Español, do it — M will understand and bring up the list of in-app payment options again.

Facebook apparently announced M’s new language and availability in Mexico on Messenger’s official account. We unfortunately can’t access the post, but a spokesperson has confirmed to Engadget that the Spanish-speaking M has already begun rolling out to users in the US and Mexico. Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t announced whether the assistant will make its way to other countries, as well. If you don’t live in either the US or Mexico, you’ll just have to do things the old-fashioned way.

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