Five to Try: Angry Birds gets a gritty Evolution, and Cars 3 crashes into Google’s Toontastic 3D

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Looking for something fun to play or tinker with on your Android phone this weekend? We have a few fresh picks in our latest Five to Try column, and the cream of this week’s Play Store crop is pretty strongly focused on games and entertainment.

Rovio’s Angry Birds Evolution is the biggest of the bunch, giving the old birds a darker, 3D makeover, while Google’s Toontastic 3D cartoon-making app gets a visit from Pixar’s Cars 3 crew. Elsewhere, Asphalt Street Storm gears up for some intense drag races, Toca Lab: Plants is an entertaining educational pick for kids, and Flipping Legends is a flipping fun endless game. Download a few of these new and updated releases and see if anything grabs you.

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Angry Birds goes gritty? Yeah, kind of.

Rovio’s Angry Birds hasn’t evolved much in recent years, instead opting to shape-shift and mimic other popular game styles with a constant array of spinoffs. But Angry Birds Evolution claims to be a true step forward for the core pull-and-fling experience, and we see that approach in a couple of different ways here.

In terms of gameplay, you’re still launching birds at pigs, but now you’ll do it in 3D environments in which the fowl bounce around like pinballs. And Evolution takes on a harder-edged aesthetic, swapping the colorful cartoonish look and roster of past games for a broader selection of much angrier-looking birds. At first blush, it’s a weird aesthetic shift for the series, although the actual action does seem like a solid progression from the original design. 

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