Windows 10: How to customize multi-finger touchpad gestures

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One of the biggest improvements the Creators Update recently brought to Windows 10 was enhanced support for Precision Touchpads, the built-in mousepads on select laptops that support multi-touch gestures. As many a Mac user knows, the ability to use one-, two-, and three-finger gestures to navigate apps, switch desktops, and perform various clicks and selections can really speed up your workflow. Here’s how to configure these settings on your Windows 10 device.

Open touchpad settings

From the Start menu, go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad to access your touchpad options. You should see “Your PC has a precision touchpad” at the top of this page. (If you don’t, your device doesn’t support a precision touchpad and you won’t see any of the associated options.)

touchpad sensitivity PCWorld

You can calibrate the sensitivity of your precision touchpad with four preset options.

You’ll also see a toggle button for activating/deactivating the precision touchpad. If you’d rather it deactivate automatically when you connect an external mouse, uncheck the box next to Leave on when a mouse is connected.

Tweak your “taps”

Next, scroll down to the Taps section, where you can configure how to use finger taps for selecting and clicking. You’ll first see a drop-down menu for setting your precision touchpad’s sensitivity. There are four options: low sensitivity, medium sensitivity, high sensitivity, and most sensitive. It’s best to leave it set to “medium sensitivity” to begin with, then adjust up or down once you get a feel for how it responds.

Beneath the sensitivity setting are four preset tap gestures for clicking and selecting. They’re all activated by default, so uncheck any you don’t want to use:

• Tap with a single finger to single-click

• Tap with two fingers to right-click

• Tap twice and drag to multi-select

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